Type of this property is Single Family and it was built in 1997. Number of this parcel is 61242080000. Total living area of this property is 2,043 sqft. It has 1 floor, 4 full baths. Land square footage is 0.35 acres. Construction materials used to build this building include Brick. This building is heated by Forced air. The foundation of this building is slab. The roof of this building is shake/shingle.

Average property on this street is 0 years .

Possible Residents

Mary A Bearse
Phone Number: (228) 875-5012

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Ralph H Bearse
Phone Number: (228) 875-5012

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Joshua A Coker
Age: 37
Phone Number: (334) 358-8050

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Kerri L Kavanagh
Phone Number: (228) 872-1794

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Rose M Kavanagh
Phone Number: (228) 872-1794

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Thomas J Kavanagh
Phone Number: (228) 872-1794

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Lois I Krolikowski
Age: 38
Phone Number: (678) 461-4647

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Angelina M Seglio
Age: 47
Phone Number: (228) 327-5032

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Possible Previous Residents

Rose Kavanagh
Age: 71
Phone Number: (228) 392-9384

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Tom Kavanagh
Age: 42
Phone Number: (228) 872-1794

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Nathan J Latil
Age: 44
Phone Number: (662) 202-5107

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Regina Trahan
Phone Number: (228) 282-0297

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Jenna L Latil
Age: 36
Phone Number: (228) 860-8567

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