Type of this property is Single Family and it was built in 1984. Number of this parcel is 01619175000. Total living area of this property is 31,834 sqft. It has 2 floors, Studio bedroom. Land square footage is 1.78 acres. Construction materials used to build this building include Stucco.

Average property on this street is 5 years older than this property.

Possible Residents

Jessica Jordan
Phone Number: (907) 345-8994

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Deirdre Lind

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Eric B Bracken
Age: 49
Phone Number: (435) 752-6230

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Possible Previous Residents

Greg A Freeman
Age: 54
Phone Number: (907) 243-4493

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Cody L Christensen
Age: 44
Phone Number: (702) 982-8147

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Davis V Christensen
Age: 62
Phone Number: (505) 672-0277

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Kris J Keller
Age: 65
Phone Number: (208) 745-7847

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Jackie D Orton
Age: 86
Phone Number: (435) 245-5577

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Ryan B Burton
Age: 34
Phone Number: (801) 969-0353

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Tyler Frank Christensen
Age: 58
Phone Number: (303) 840-7065

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Brandon Gabriel Clawson
Age: 40
Phone Number: (585) 957-1509

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Chad M Dixon
Age: 49
Phone Number: (480) 203-2339

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Wendy R Hintze
Age: 76
Phone Number: (814) 834-9276

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