Type of this property is Multiple Occupancy and it was built in 1960. Number of this parcel is 55480114238252. Total living area of this property is 2,192 sqft. It has 2 floors, 5 bedrooms, 3 full baths. Land square footage is 5,227 sqft and lot dimension is depth: 100 ft, width: 50 ft.

Possible Residents

Ramon Gonzalez
Age: 45

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Hito Costanza
Phone Number: (914) 939-7631

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Rodolfo Escobar
Phone Number: (914) 937-0983

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Milagros Estrada
Phone Number: (914) 934-0073

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Euclides Filho
Phone Number: (914) 462-1848

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Mario Galdamez
Phone Number: (914) 937-3478

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Ricardo Gomez
Phone Number: (914) 939-3549

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Victor Molano
Phone Number: (914) 939-5174

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Alejandro Ochoa
Phone Number: (914) 937-3382

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Hugo J Robles
Phone Number: (914) 474-3094

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Possible Previous Residents

Francisco Lopez
Age: 42
Phone Number: (914) 473-1566

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Miriam Estrada
Age: 34
Phone Number: (914) 937-3827

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Yaneth M Salinas
Age: 56
Phone Number: (914) 937-5510

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Elisa Gonzalez
Age: 44
Phone Number: (914) 733-8400

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Jose Enrique Melo
Age: 52
Phone Number: (203) 642-4133

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Alice Quinlan
Age: 63
Phone Number: (914) 481-1849

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Miriam H Rosales
Age: 62
Phone Number: (914) 481-1466

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Gabriel Valentin
Age: 51
Phone Number: (203) 449-1772

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Millie J Valenti
Age: 70
Phone Number: (914) 305-4765

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Edy S Lopez
Age: 44
Phone Number: (914) 305-5600

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