Type of this property is Single Family and it was built in 1979. Number of this parcel is 267101030. Total living area of this property is 1,544 sqft. It has 1 floor, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths. Land square footage is 8,247 sqft. This building is heated by Forced air. The foundation of this building is concrete. The roof of this building is composition.

Average property on this street is 9 years older than this property.

Possible Residents

Lawrence G Vickers
Age: 84
Phone Number: (816) 650-3858

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Angelia Dodson Jones
Age: 50
Phone Number: (757) 689-2742

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Stephanie A Collier
Age: 63
Phone Number: (816) 923-2595

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Cory B Kratzer
Age: 29
Phone Number: (816) 877-3764

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Andrea M Foley
Age: 80
Phone Number: (508) 885-4752

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Bradley Gilpin
Phone Number: (816) 305-9648

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Emmett H Ruks
Age: 86
Phone Number: (816) 686-7471

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Janis D Ruks
Age: 77
Phone Number: (816) 686-7471

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Possible Previous Residents

Anita S Huckaby
Age: 65
Phone Number: (713) 242-6411

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Sherri R Rubinstein
Age: 52
Phone Number: (281) 218-6954

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Elizabeth Phillips
Age: 51
Phone Number: (503) 353-6288

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Timothy Krebs
Age: 55
Phone Number: (609) 513-0898

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John M Kuykendall
Age: 71
Phone Number: (314) 280-2502

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Judith A Kuykendall
Age: 70
Phone Number: (314) 280-2502

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Lois A Burkett
Age: 70
Phone Number: (319) 338-6387

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