Type of this property is Townhouse and it was built in 1981. Number of this parcel is 19052730701900. Total living area of this property is 1,850 sqft. It has 2 floors, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths. Land square footage is 3,150 sqft. This building is heated by Forced air. The roof of this building is composition.

Average property on this street is 1 years older than this property.

Possible Residents

John P Farrell
Phone Number: (307) 382-3742

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Brad Payne
Phone Number: (307) 362-5714

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John B Payne
Phone Number: (307) 362-5714

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Nancy Simpson
Age: 55
Phone Number: (405) 780-7146

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Evan Vestre
Phone Number: (307) 362-3574

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Vicki Vestre
Phone Number: (307) 362-3574

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Possible Previous Residents

Mike Simpson
Age: 54
Phone Number: (405) 780-7146

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Brenda Farrell
Age: 70
Phone Number: (307) 382-6858

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Jimmie Rouse
Age: 59
Phone Number: (307) 371-2408

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Bonnie J Walker
Age: 46
Phone Number: (307) 789-1147

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Denise M Briscoe
Age: 60
Phone Number: (307) 324-2649

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Donna Schmidt
Age: 60
Phone Number: (307) 382-2040

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Diana J Rouse
Age: 57
Phone Number: (612) 414-1096

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Stuart Scott Burnham
Age: 33
Phone Number: (307) 922-3134

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Krysten Raza
Age: 30
Phone Number: (307) 871-4698

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Stephanie Ann Burnham
Age: 31
Phone Number: (307) 922-3134

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