Type of this property is Single Family and it was built in 1950. Number of this parcel is 1410A01054000. Total living area of this property is 4,800 sqft. It has 2 floors, 6 bedrooms, 5 full baths. This building is heated by Forced air. The foundation of this building is slab.

Average property on this street is 0 years .

Possible Residents

Christopher J Champagne
Age: 55
Phone Number: (228) 374-5955

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Craig A Champagne
Age: 53
Phone Number: (404) 397-8799

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Jake Champagne
Age: 83
Phone Number: (228) 365-1115

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Rhonda Champagne
Phone Number: (228) 365-1115

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Sally A Champagne
Age: 80
Phone Number: (228) 365-1115

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Shannon Champagne
Phone Number: (228) 374-5955

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Christopher Champange
Phone Number: (228) 374-3499

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Toni J Diaz
Age: 81
Phone Number: (228) 365-0088

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Possible Previous Residents

Rhonda S Champagne
Age: 60
Phone Number: (228) 396-1597

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Parrish Champagne
Age: 58
Phone Number: (228) 365-1115

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Racheal L Champagne
Age: 49
Phone Number: (228) 374-5955

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Dianne L Mcmullen
Age: 75
Phone Number: (228) 385-1109

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Edward T Mcmullen JR
Age: 82
Phone Number: (228) 385-1109

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