Type of this property is Single Family and it was built in 1924. Number of this parcel is 820620025085020029. Total living area of this property is 693 sqft. It has 1 floor, 2 bedrooms, 1 full bath. Land square footage is 3,175 sqft and lot dimension is depth: 127 ft, width: 25 ft. The foundation of this building is crawl/raised. The roof of this building is asphalt.

Average property on this street is 4 years older than this property.

Possible Residents

Crystal A Mears
Age: 58
Phone Number: (812) 319-3743

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Jeff O Mullane
Age: 41
Phone Number: (812) 437-6612

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Jeffery O Mullane
Age: 41
Phone Number: (812) 437-6612

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Jeffery Dale O'mullane
Age: 41
Phone Number: (812) 205-9870

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Anthony Stone
Age: 67

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Possible Previous Residents

Ivan J Sanabria
Age: 44
Phone Number: (305) 334-4195

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Melissa A Lohman
Age: 58
Phone Number: (812) 471-1668

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Kenneth E Lohman
Age: 65
Phone Number: (812) 471-1685

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Leslie A Bates
Age: 38
Phone Number: (812) 303-0705

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Omullane Jd
Age: 65
Phone Number: (812) 483-8825

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Candace R Lohman
Age: 59
Phone Number: (812) 422-1421

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