According to public records this property type is Townhouse. Total living area of this property is 950 sqft. It has 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath.

Possible Residents

Broderick S Gardner
Age: 31
Phone Number: (480) 620-5917

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Julian D Havlicak
Age: 28

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Possible Previous Residents

Chris Naylor
Age: 48
Phone Number: (940) 271-0137

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Suzan Naylor
Age: 47
Phone Number: (940) 271-0137

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Pearl E Choi
Age: 46
Phone Number: (323) 223-6299

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Brandy Roth
Age: 43
Phone Number: (801) 682-6339

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Blaine Laney
Age: 68
Phone Number: (707) 843-2091

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Heidi K Rasmussen
Age: 49
Phone Number: (703) 205-0602

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Mark Shuman
Age: 42
Phone Number: (801) 471-7180

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Alan Christensen
Age: 56
Phone Number: (916) 207-7324

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Wayne A Bulsiewicz
Age: 45
Phone Number: (919) 528-6945

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Lindsay Rawlings
Age: 38
Phone Number: (702) 497-8735

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