Type of this property is Multiple Occupancy and it was built in 1925. Number of this parcel is LEWIM:176L:091. Total living area of this property is 1,962 sqft. It has 2 floors, 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths. Land square footage is 4,792 sqft. This building is heated by Forced air.

Average property on this street is 7 years younger than this property.

Possible Residents

Albert A Beaulieu
Phone Number: (207) 782-3845

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Geraldine Beaulieu
Phone Number: (207) 782-3845

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Rodney T Footer
Phone Number: (207) 784-0289

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Jeanne D Tripp
Phone Number: (207) 786-0529

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Possible Previous Residents

Elizabeth C Martin
Age: 65
Phone Number: (207) 782-9178

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Wendy Bolding
Age: 61
Phone Number: (207) 942-3646

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Tricia Mc Bride
Age: 47
Phone Number: (207) 344-3111

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Jeanne Pelletier
Age: 68
Phone Number: (207) 786-4248

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Christopher A Rounds
Age: 46
Phone Number: (617) 786-9170

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Scott Sterling Mcbride
Age: 53
Phone Number: (207) 783-4831

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Ashley M Cote
Age: 35
Phone Number: (207) 344-8021

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Courtney L Bolding
Age: 32
Phone Number: (207) 312-7661

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