According to public records this property type is Apartment. Total living area of this property is 732 sqft. It has 1 bedroom, 1 full bath. This building is heated by Forced air.

Possible Residents

James V Logullo
Phone Number: (302) 588-4881

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Adela Zamora
Age: 36

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Christina L Baideme
Age: 77
Phone Number: (302) 731-0563

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Padmajavani Achanta
Phone Number: (302) 454-0949

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Crystal M Alderete
Age: 45

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Brian K Anderson
Age: 82

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Susan Anderson
Phone Number: (302) 379-4164

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Bobby L Atkinson
Age: 85
Phone Number: (302) 738-9970

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Willie E Atta-peters
Age: 57

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Tamika S Avery
Age: 41

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Possible Previous Residents

Marjorie A Ruff
Age: 89
Phone Number: (908) 889-4128

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Dwight M Greene
Age: 77
Phone Number: (610) 872-6462

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Keith Wicks
Age: 52
Phone Number: (225) 924-1745

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Eddie Wasmund
Age: 58
Phone Number: (901) 465-1699

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Lisa D Wasmund
Age: 58
Phone Number: (901) 465-1699

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Elaine M Fanning
Age: 81
Phone Number: (302) 947-2897

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Richard Tompkins
Age: 60
Phone Number: (850) 434-5751

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James J Mcdonnell
Age: 74
Phone Number: (615) 886-9814

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Lucille F Logullo
Phone Number: (302) 994-4653

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Elbert Smalls
Age: 42
Phone Number: (610) 255-0868

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