Type of this property is Single Family and it was built in 2004. Number of this parcel is 01697000100000. Total living area of this property is 32,848 sqft. Land square footage is 2.53 acres.

Average property on this street is 0 years .

Possible Residents

Alithea D Cree
Age: 43
Phone Number: (701) 213-7156

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Kelli Ensign
Age: 40
Phone Number: (701) 523-5117

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Jennifer Margaret Lemay
Age: 46
Phone Number: (701) 212-7186

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Cynthia J Marshall
Age: 53
Phone Number: (701) 825-6733

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Lisa R Miller
Age: 60
Phone Number: (701) 239-4723

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Possible Previous Residents

Avis Giselle Walker
Age: 64
Phone Number: (720) 859-0931

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Sandra Abramson
Age: 64
Phone Number: (702) 341-8982

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Sara J Pirtle
Age: 41
Phone Number: (218) 844-5628

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Andrea Blackwell
Age: 58
Phone Number: (218) 303-0010

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Holly D Smeltzer
Age: 53
Phone Number: (218) 284-6288

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K Aho
Age: 59
Phone Number: (218) 233-5297

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Nicole Hardwick
Age: 48
Phone Number: (218) 287-5727

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Shelly Brandt
Age: 56
Phone Number: (218) 823-9672

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Jennifer Williams
Age: 47
Phone Number: (301) 697-2399

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Kimberly Baker
Age: 56
Phone Number: (410) 337-8254

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