Type of this property is Multiple Occupancy and it was built in 1900. Number of this parcel is 55480113677144. Total living area of this property is 1,776 sqft. It has 2 floors, 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths. Land square footage is 8,276 sqft and lot dimension is depth: 118 ft, width: 67 ft.

Average property on this street is 31 years younger than this property.

Possible Residents

Antonia Esposito
Age: 49
Phone Number: (914) 980-4775

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Michael Esposito
Age: 49
Phone Number: (914) 980-4775

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Luz Feliberty
Age: 60
Phone Number: (914) 751-1687

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M Munnick
Phone Number: (914) 939-7052

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Antonio W Pirrotta
Age: 82
Phone Number: (914) 939-7052

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Carmelo Pirrotta
Age: 51
Phone Number: (914) 939-7052

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Domini Pirrotta
Age: 55
Phone Number: (914) 939-7052

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Dominick Pirrotta
Phone Number: (914) 528-2724

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Giovanna Pirrotta
Age: 76
Phone Number: (914) 939-7052

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W Pirrotta
Phone Number: (914) 939-7052

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Possible Previous Residents

Anna Kozub
Age: 48
Phone Number: (734) 281-8599

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Maria Pirrotta
Age: 78
Phone Number: (203) 375-0117

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